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Optician Training Service

  • Maximize the potential of your new hires and novice opticians.
  • Leverage the skill of OAC instructors who already do the job you need done.
  • We train and coach opticians to excellence. Let us do it for you.
Women at the office


per 6 hour day

Our instructors come to you and spend a day in your office training your optical staff in the fundamental skills necessary to to be competent and confident opticians. Training includes study guides which we leave with your staff for future reference and training. Contact us below and our team will respond with details and to schedule a training day.

Training Topics Include:

  • Stages of lab production, Customer Service, Surfacing & Generating, Finishing

  • The Eye, Anatomy, Emmetropia, Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia

  • Comparing Lens Materials, Thickness, Weight, Transmission of Radiant Energy, Optical Performance, Lens Materials

  • Plus lenses, Minus lenses, the Sphero-cylinder lens, Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive, Office Environment, and Specialty lenses

  • Lens Treatments, Scratch Resistant Coating, Anti-Reflective Coating, Tints, Mirror Coatings, Photochromic Lenses, Polarized Sun Lenses, Edge Treatments 

  • Eyewear Selection, Lifestyle Considerations, Rx Evaluation,

  • Presentation Process, Know Your Products, Present Value, Not Products, Present the Complete Lenses

  • Facial Measurements, PD Measurements, Vertical Height Measurements, Pantoscopic Angle, Wrap Angle, Vertex Distance

  • Frame Measurements, Decentration, Frame Materials and Styles, Frame Selection for Cosmetics and Fit

  • From Rx to Eyewear, The Proper Lab Order, Patient Information, Lens Information, Frame Information

  • Delivery of Eyewear to the Patient, Frame Alignment Process, Standard Alignment, Nosepads, Adjustment for Alignment, New Delivery and Presentation, Readjustments

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