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What is an optician?

An optician is a trained professional specializing in fitting, fabricating, and dispensing eyeglasses and contact lenses. They work closely with optometrists or ophthalmologists to interpret prescriptions and assist individuals in selecting the most appropriate eyewear to correct their vision. Opticians possess knowledge of various lens materials, coatings, and frame styles, allowing them to provide personalized recommendations based on an individual's visual needs, lifestyle, and fashion preferences. They may also take measurements and perform adjustments to ensure the eyewear's proper fit and comfort. Opticians play a crucial role in helping people achieve optimal vision and often work in optical retail stores, eyewear boutiques, or healthcare settings.




As an optician, one possesses the expertise to craft and dispense eyeglasses and contact lenses, ensuring that individuals can see the world with utmost clarity and precision. It is a profession where technology intertwines with the mastery of optical design, allowing opticians to transform a prescription into a tangible piece of art that enhances both functionality and style. With advancements in lens materials, coatings, and frame designs, opticians stay at the forefront of technology, providing their clients with cutting-edge solutions for their visual needs. Moreover, being an optician means staying attuned to the ever-changing fashion trends, as eyewear has become a fashion statement, reflecting personal style and individuality. From classic designs to avant-garde frames, opticians can curate a vast range of eyewear options that improve vision and elevate one's fashion game. Ultimately, being an optician is a multi-faceted profession that marries technical expertise, creativity, and the satisfaction of positively impacting people's lives through the gift of improved vision.

Being an optician is more than just a skilled trade; it is a fulfilling career that blends the realms of art and vision in a rapidly growing industry.


Our Organization

Welcome to the Opticians Association of Colorado! We are delighted to have you here. As the premier organization for opticians in the beautiful state of Colorado, we are dedicated to serving and advancing the field of opticianry. When you join our association, you gain access to a wealth of benefits that are designed to support your professional growth and success.

Continuing education is at the core of our offerings. We are committed to providing our members with a diverse range of educational resources, workshops, and seminars that keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry. By joining the Opticians Association of Colorado, you become part of the only organization in the state that is run by opticians, for opticians. 

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, and we are dedicated to advocating for the interests and needs of opticians across Colorado. Through our collective voice, we work to elevate the profession, promote best practices, and ensure the highest standards of patient care.

But that's not all! As a member, you will also enjoy exclusive access to industry resources, discounts on relevant products and services, and the latest updates on regulatory changes and advancements in opticianry.


Our website is a comprehensive hub where you can find valuable information, engage with our vibrant community, and stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned optician or just starting your career, we invite you to join the Opticians Association of Colorado and unlock the full potential of your professional journey. Together, let's shape the future of opticianry in Colorado and beyond.

Board of Directors

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Board of Directors for the Opticians Association of Colorado (OAC) is a fantastic group of talented and passionate individuals. They bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to the table, making them a powerhouse team. These professionals have a deep love for the optical industry and are incredibly knowledgeable about all things related to opticianry. Their determination and hunger for success are truly inspiring. Working together, the board members collaborate on exciting initiatives, educational programs, and fun networking events that benefit opticians throughout Colorado. With their friendly and inclusive leadership, the OAC Board of Directors is dedicated to creating a thriving and supportive community for all opticians in the state.


Daniel Livingston

President, ABOC


Mindy Mulay

Vice President & Treasurer, ABOC


Heather Harrington

Secretary, ABOC


Leo Chacon

Head of Membership Committee, ABOC


Heather Aites


Dylon Storey.jpg

Dylon Storey



Eileen Vialpando


Thomas Cervantes.jpg

Thomas Cervantes


OAC hp icons.png

Brian Peabody


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