Our Mission:

To promote the growth of our profession by holding ourselves and The Association accountable to the highest standard of integrity and patient care. To increase our level of expertise through educational opportunities, business relationships and community focused activities. To network together to encourage the advancement of technology for better vision resources tomorrow.

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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

President 2019-2021
Daniel Livingston, ABOC
Private Practice
Vice President and Treasurer 2018-2020
Mindy Mulay, ABOC
Private Practice
Secretary 2018-2020

Jim Wheeler, ABOC

Private Practice


Heather Aites, ABOC
Private Practice
Melissa Scofield, LDO, ABOC, NCLEC, FNAO
Private Practice

Thomas Cervantes, ABOC
Private Practice

Heather Harrington, ABOC
Private Practice

Victoria Peña, ABOC, NCLEC, CPOA
Private Practice

Jennifer Lehman, ABOC
Private Practice


Eileen Vialpando, ABOC
Frame Territory Manager

Directors At Large

Pat Pennington, ABOC
Private Practice

Sponsors of the OAC