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2015 Convention Schedule and Course Descriptions

18.02.15 01:03 PM By OAC Admin

Laurie Pierce 
Real World Vision – 1 Hour 
This course will inform the attendees of the new concept and management of lens design for 'real 
world' vision for optical viewing in all areas. We will discuss how visual images vary between 
Presbyopic Myopes and Hyperopes. At the conclusion of this course attendees will be educated on 
lens options available to produce 'real world vision' and the correct fitting procedures. 

The Total Optical Experience – 1 Hr. 
This course will begin with a description of the differences between selling eyewear to being a vision 
expert. The need for personalized, customer-focused service is ever present. As our society has 
moved into the ‘Experience Economy’, our dispensing strategies must keep. Additionally, we must be 
able to identify, meet and exceed customer/client/patient expectations. How do we identify customer 
expectations? Hold a focus group and ASK THEM. Patient/Client Expectation focus group data will be 
presented and discussed. This course will conclude with identifying new strategies to exceed 
customer expectations and build customer loyalty. 

Customer Service: Increasing Patient Satisfaction – 2 Hr. 
This 2 hour motivation seminar incorporates the world famous “Fish” philosophy, developed by the 
Chart House Learning Company. This course expands on this method to incorporate for our industry. 
All areas of the industry’s work environment are covered. The importance of increasing our ability to 
relate to our patients/customers ensures our professional status and will secure the growth of the 
practice. It is a fun filled two hours of seeing the best we can be. 

Making a Difference – 2 Hours 
This motivational presentation explores ways to create a service plus environment at work and in our 
daily lives. Activities enhance the experience will adding fun and generating ways to improve or 
change the culture of your work environment. Making a difference to those around you will enrich your 
own life. 

Dispensing To The Aging Eye – 1 Hr. 
The demographics of the elderly has changed over the years…today’s seniors are living longer, 
enjoying active lifestyles, and have more discretionary income than ever before. While they are 
keeping their bodies younger, they cannot control the changes occurring in their eyes, which greatly 
affects their functional vision. Today’s new lens options are a perfect match for the aging eye…we can 
do much more to enhance their eyesight, given new optical technologies available to us. We will 
discuss various milestones and tripstones in regard to the visual changes going on during the aging 
process. In addition, we will discuss common eye conditions prevalent among the elderly and the 
optical options we can recommend to alleviate some of their visual symptoms. By providing optical 
solutions to their subjective complaints, we can do a lot to help improve their quality of life 

Choose Your Attitude – 1 Hr. 
While there are millions of people wearing non-prescription sun wear in our society, the percentage of 
Rx sun wear dispensed in our market it surprisingly low. As fashion and lifestyle play a role in optical 
trends, technology must keep up. This course focuses on the differences in visual requirements of 
sun wear used for various activities. Lifestyle/Sports and Fashion must be taken into consideration 
prior to choosing a lens to meet the visual needs of each patient/client. Today’s advanced freeform 
applications with visual software programs allow both fashion and function for the best possible lens 
solution…the best of both worlds. 

DebraWhite MSEd, ABOM, FCLSA

All in a Day’s Work (1 hr.)ABO Level 2 (Power Point) lecture

Your day at work is important to you, and so is your customer’s day at work. Quick information gathering will assist you in presenting the best lens options to make your customer happy. Actual customer scenarios will be presented.

Contrast is Good (1 hr.)ABO or NCLELevel 1 (PP) lecture

This course discusses the difference between the common method of testing visual acuity, and the need to also include a contrast sensitivity test during a refraction. Examples of different visual problems and acuities will reveal the importance of this testing method. Different contrast sensitivity testing vehicles will be outlined, with hands-on demonstration. Areas of special benefit to your office will also be discussed.

Infection Control for the Optical Professional (1 hr.) ABO/NCLE Level 2 (PP)lecture

In that there is NO cure known to date for virus’s, coupled with possible exposure of a multitude of virus’s in a medical office, it is very important that dispensers of eyewear and contact lenses understand the risks and recommended procedures for preventing infections.

The Right Tool for the Right Job (or Optical Tools) (1 hr) ABO Level1 (PP) Lecture (could be a 2 hr CE, with hands-on for 2 nd hour)

This course will present the optical dispenser with common and unique optical tools. Recommendations and applications of hand tools for frame adjustments and small repairs will be presented.

What’sUp? (1 hr.) ABOIntermediate level(PP) lecture

A look at prism from apex to base. Not only does prism have power, it has direction. Images shift when prism is present. This course will look to: avoid, split, combine and compare prism to ANSI Standards. Bring a calculator!